WHITE_DUNE 0.99pl66 (current stable)
WHITE_DUNE 0.99pl42 (older stable)
CD based on Debian Live CD
no 3D hardware acceleration 8-(
Hybrid ISO file debian_live_cd_hybrid.iso
(including white_dune-0.31beta532, lower left menu => graphics)
632 MB (MD5 checksum: 9743ff47e280454fef0ed05baa1e605a -)
WHITE_DUNE 0.30 (much older table version)
white_dune 0.30pl10 source and documentation .tar.gz file: white_dune-0.30pl10.tar.gz
13693 kB (MD5 checksum: 0007718ed91854e2641c402f635d2d4b -)

white_dune 0.30pl10 source and documentation .zip file: white_dune-0.30pl10.zip
15045 kB (MD5 checksum: dd067afc2b2d057f4981ddc6b88e0081 -)
MacOSX white_dune 0.30pl10 MacOSX 10.6 "Snowleopard" (Apple UNIX) expertimental stuffit expander compatible white_dune-MacOSX-Snowleopard-fat-binary-0.30pl10.tar.gz fat binary package (*) based on X11 for Mac OS X with documentation
13899 kB (MD5 checksum: 8dd2745bf1ddda20781dc06ea7102b3b -)
M$Windows white_dune 0.30pl10 M$Windows binary only: white_dune-0.30pl10.exe
4978 kB (MD5 checksum: 7480333cc4be35ba41332ecb1b102c4d -)
This version is linked against static libraries. For easy recompilation you can download the archives with sources/libraries/project files for M$Windows from the following link
expat_jpeg_png_zlib_win32static2.zip (MD5 checksum: 02978dd7cb929ac4e37d3cd17fc6cc44 -)
(Version for older compiler: expat_jpeg_png_zlib_win32static2_vc6.zip (MD5 checksum: a6aad61b0863ef3e3a83370c5bc32fce -))
archive of experimental batch files (MD5 checksum: c0df02e61ce7249fe1845087e0fa8835 -)

Seit version 0.29beta319 gibt es alle Sprachen in white_dune nur noch in einer Datei. Downloaden Sie zusätzlich zur normalen Version die folgende M$Windows Batchdatei dunegerman.bat um white_dune in deutscher Sprache starten zu koennen
0 kB (MD5 checksum: a12176f44874361ed2f653091f2b37d7 -)

white_dune 0.30pl10 XP (and higher) binary only with support for Space Navigator devices white_dune-0.30pl10XP.exe
4984 kB (MD5 checksum: 86bdab936d71d13fb8743701b5f6e8f2 -)
UNIX white_dune 0.30pl10 SunOS SPARC 5.10 (Solaris 10) (SUN UNIX) gzip -cd whitedune.0.30.10.SPARC.pkg.gz | pkgadd -n -d /dev/fd/0 WHITEdune installable package (*) with documentation
21986 kB (MD5 checksum: c804512d66c92fe54ba14d91f9cc6a29 -)
white_dune 0.30pl10 IRIX 6.5 (SGI UNIX) swmgr -f fw_white_dune-0.30pl10.tardist installable package (*) with source and documentation
13701 kB (MD5 checksum: f81893fbcce84b9378eccf7549a2390e -)
white_dune 0.30pl10 HPUX 11 (HP UNIX) chmod +x white_dune_HPUX_PA-RISC-0.30pl10 pure binary (*)
16315 kB (MD5 checksum: 08ec919e0195b31f25b5b7214dd28f28 -)
white_dune 0.30pl10 TRU64 5.0a (DEC UNIX) chmod +x white_dune_TRU64_alpha-0.30pl10 pure binary (*)
27907 kB (MD5 checksum: ed2fe689e53fb5fdb12326bcae5b4d56 -)
white_dune 0.30pl10 i386 FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE pkg_add whitedune-FreeBSD-0.30pl10.tbz installable package (*) with documentation
10774 kB (MD5 checksum: 395c6f7edee34d1628bcbd4f13c41b25 -)
cygwin/X11 (not really UNIX) white_dune 0.30pl10 i386 cygwin/X11 white_dune_cygwin_x11-0.30pl10 pure binary
47811 kB (MD5 checksum: d993412f2fa1872ed378cb4d3273b29f -)
Linux white_dune 0.30pl10 rpm(build) --rebuild white_dune-0.30pl10-1.src.rpm (Linux) Source-rpm with documentation
11019 kB (MD5 checksum: 8bb4ce521f81d89f26702de7e2714db9 -)

white_dune 0.30pl10 rpm -i white_dune_fedora14-0.30pl10-1.i686.rpm for i686 Fedora 14 Linux rpm (*) with documentation
8437 kB (MD5 checksum: 6ae5e3a160d592748e22aef452536470 -)

white_dune 0.30pl10 rpm -i white_dune_olpc-0.30pl10-1.i386.rpm experimental rpm (*) with documentation for the OLPC (Version 1) running Linux (too small font problem still unsolved)
10876 kB (MD5 checksum: c5844d0c0838075535807b7e86397a75 -)

white_dune 0.30pl10 installpkg white_dune-0.30pl10-i386-1.tgz Slackware 13.1 Linux binary package (*) with documentation
9368 kB (MD5 checksum: 35891bbf17358a83a14350cb43eb52ab -)

white_dune 0.30pl10 dpkg -i whitedune_0.30pl10-1_i386.deb experimental debian "squeeze" Linux i386 binary package (*) with documentation
9081 kB (MD5 checksum: 2658918f8af592b285e8f3f252bf3532 -)

white_dune 0.30pl10 dpkg -i whitedune_0.30pl10-1_amd64.deb ; apt-get -f install experimental debian "lenny" Linux amd64 binary package (*) with documentation
9165 kB (MD5 checksum: 8593bf46e0ba6f6741f6af76f212324f -)

white_dune 0.30pl10 dpkg -i white_dune_ubuntu-0.30pl10-1_i386.deb ; apt-get -f install experimental ubuntu 10.4 Linux i386 binary package (*) with documentation
9088 kB (MD5 checksum: 72847950e4e208c9cdbacb7421daf71c -)
Debian package creation relataed files
(debian squeeze)
7120 kB (MD5 checksum: 5607f5da578b434e635094c4a9ab82fd -)
11851 kB (MD5 checksum: e6027dd488d91e419bc8a06674f38d15 -)
1 kB (MD5 checksum: 244f1e1971e6d4b9597e9141f77eadc -)
26 kB (MD5 checksum: 5607f5da578b434e635094c4a9ab82fd -)
1 kB (MD5 checksum: 046d56cb45d21c4de7bc5e86f2e8c4a5 -)
DVD based on Tailwind - Live
(Linux Live DVD)
DVD ISO file twl_w30pl3.iso (including white_dune-0.30pl3)
1047 MB (MD5 checksum: 8ac419526c45f0ca96c17897223a28dd -)
source only
Linux/MacOSX only
Archive of dangerous older versions
  • Cause of a buffer overflow and a format string error, all older versions than 0.29beta795 and 0.28pl13 should not be used.
    This also includes dune-0.13 (white_dune is a fork of dune-0.13).
    Unfortunatly, the security problems are located in errormessage routines, so it is rather simple to build a exploit.
Creator information (**) compiled by Maksim Diachkov
(***) compiled by Johannes Schöpfer
TRADEMARKS AND COPYRIGHTS (*) This product includes software developed by John E. Stone (libsball).

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